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2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF-LC Concept

January 10th, 2012

2013 Lexus LF-LC Concept

      In an attempt to convince us it wants to be known for style and performance as much as quality and comfort Lexus rolled out the stunning LF-LC Concept and promptly made a compelling argument. The big coupe looks great from every angle except the front where the gaping grille needs to be toned down a notch or seven. Lexus claims the rear-wheel drive LF-LC utilizes a hybrid powertrain but the real story is inside where the 2+2 cockpit is sumptuously finished in contrasting leathers and wood yet someone manages to neatly integrate two 12.3-inch screens and touch screen controls on the center console and both doors.
      We’re not sure if the LF-LC signals a production model or is just a fantasy build to make a statement but toned down for production the car could make a strong competitor to the likes of the BMW 6-Series and Mercedes CL. What do you say Lexus?

Photos by Jason Muxlow

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