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Video Review: 2012 BMW 128i

July 18th, 2012 No comments


      BMW continues to develop great products in all classes but enthusiasts fear that in the age of turbochargers, dual-clutch transmissions, electronic driver’s aides of every kind and rapidly ballooning curb weights the ultimate driving machine perfected during the ’90s may soon be a thing of the past. Which is why we were heartened to recently find a base model 128i in our fleet. The smallest car in the BMW lineup is also the most traditional with straight forward styling and a tall greenhouse reminiscent of the legendary 2002. Under the hood is a silken 3.0-liter straight-six pushing 230 hp through a six-speed manual and out to the rear wheels. There are no buttons to adjust steering feel or suspension compliance. It’s just classic BMW-goodness that will delight the enthusiast on every drive. We speak for fans of the Ultimate Driving Machine the world over when we say: BMW, please don’t stop offering cars like this. Read more…

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