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2006 Mercury Mountaineer

February 18th, 2010 No comments

      Until now, it’s been easy to compare the Mercury Mountaineer to its near-identical twin, the Ford Explorer.
     Mercury’s new 2006 Mountaineer, though, would make a better comparison with the bigger Lincoln Navigator.
     The Mountaineer is still based on the same platform as the Explorer. It looks pretty much like the Explorer, has the same amount of space as the Explorer and is even assembled in the same factories as the Explorer — Louisville, Ky. and St. Louis, Mo. Read more…

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2005 Mercury Mariner

February 17th, 2010 No comments

      When you’ve got a sagging brand like Mercury, what do you do?
     If you’re an executive with Ford Motor Company, you take the hot-selling Ford Escape, change a couple of things around, and rechristen it the Mercury Mariner. Read more…

2003 Mercury Mountaineer Premiere

September 30th, 2003 No comments

An Explorer In Business Attire    

     A rebadged Explorer? Well, yes, but also no. Consider the Mountaineer as an Explorer in business attire. It is worth a good first look, but don’t expect excess attention. We found that few heads turned when our Ceramic White tester came rolling through town. Soccer moms will appreciate the 7 passenger seating and dad will like the ruggedly upscale looks. Read more…

2003 Mercury Marauder

August 18th, 2003 2 comments

For The Boy Racer In All 60 Year Olds   

     The side of our brain that is based in reality tells us there is probably no need for a hot-rod version of a car whose buyers are all well over the hill and don’t drive much faster than 45 mph. But on the other side of our brain, the one that has been completely consumed by horsepower and speed, we think maybe there are enough buyers to create a big-wheeled, high-horsepower full-size domestic sedan. After all, Chevrolet did it in the mid 1990s and found a loyal group of buyers who fell in love with the Corvette powered Impala SS. It’s unfortunate, but the SS isn’t around today, though Mercury thinks it can make enthusiasts lust after its 2003 Marauder the same way they did for Chevy’s long gone Super Sport. Read more…

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