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AT’s Photo Spotlight

May 9th, 2010 No comments

      Ford claims they grew this one. No really! The Model U, showcased at the 2003 NAIAS, is a test bed for bio-based alternative materials. The seat foam is a soy-based polyurethane. The tailgate is made from a soy-based polyester reinforced with fiberglass. There are corn based fillers in the rubber compound of the tires. Even most of the vehicle’s lubricants are an experimental sunflower seed oil base. Behind the soybean resin body panels is a supercharged 4-cylinder running on hydrogen. Daisies will be emitted from the tailpipes (ok, so I made that one up). The point is Ford sought renewable, and they got a car that can pretty much be put on the compost heap once its useful life is over.

      Happy Mother’s Day from you friends at Automotive Trends!!