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AT’s Photo Spotlight

May 21st, 2010 No comments

      Getting behind the wheel of the 2005 Ford Thunderbird is like stepping into a time machine. Sans the Flux Capacitor. No, settling into the T-bird takes you back to a time when the waitresses at A&W flew on rollerskates to your car. If you are an empty nester this car is the perfect weekend getaway vehicle for you and the misses. You can put the top down and relax as the Thunderbird will serve up a compliant, comfortable ride free of harshness. Under the hood is Ford’s smooth-running 280-hp 3.9L V8, ready to provide a little extra spirit to drive, but mostly just ready to cruise.

2005 Ford Thunderbird

February 15th, 2010 No comments

Do The A&W Waitresses Still Roller-Skate To Your Car?

     Ford was on to something when they introduced the T-bird concept back in 2000. Then they waited until 2002 to release it. Orders came quick and the early ‘Birds were gobbled up by graying Baby Boomers. Then the lust disappeared. All those who remembered the classic T-bird had theirs already and Ford just couldn’t bribe the young’uns into taking one. So this latest model has sailed along smoothly, the winds of time, unfortunately, not in the ‘Bird’s favor. The reign of the Thunderbird ends this year—again. The flight was to be a short one and lack of sales has not spurred a model year extension. So we found it necessary to take one last cruise before this bird joined the Dodo. Read more…

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2003 Ford Thunderbird

July 7th, 2003 No comments

A Time Machine On Wheels    

     These days people will try anything to turn back Father Time’s clock. Most every city in the country houses a doctor or twelve that will inject you with Botox, suck your fat out through a tube or prescribe pills that promise to firm up sagging skin. These remedies might do the trick for a while, but they are still only temporary. Ford, however, would love to sell you a more permanent solution. They call it the Thunderbird, and it’ll take you back through the years faster than you can say, “I need a facelift”. Read more…