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NAIAS 2011: Kia KV7 Concept

      Kia used the Detroit Auto Show to reveal a possible entry into, of all things, a dormant segment. The KV7 is a concept designed to do a van right. It’s not one of these minivans that pretends to be manly or sporty or something it’s not. Kia designers wanted to build a van that was proud of its shape.
     And somehow their box on wheels ends up looking impossibly modern, upscale and fun all at the same time. Inside things are way out in fantasy concept land with a couch and a couple swiveling chairs around an integrated table-top computer that connects all the passengers to their social networks. We like the wood flooring and the gullwing side doors.
     The concept is said to be powered by a upgraded 2.0-liter Turbo with 285 hp. While Kia was hinting a version of the KV7 may make production, we’re not so sure. But then again, stranger things have happened. Kia Soul, anyone?

Photos by Jason Muxlow

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