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2005 Ford Super Duty (Spy Shots)

     Whilst out and about in southeast Michigan, on Ford road no less, I caught this guy hanging out in a Home Depot parking lot. It was a test mule for sure for the soon to be released 2005 Ford Super Duty. We saw earlier what Ford could do with their bread and butter F-150, and we are looking forward to some great things from the harder working  Super Duty’s. Judging by the wear and tear this test mule has seen most if not all of Michigan’s fine roads already. From what we can tell the new truck is sporting some frame enhancements; evidenced by the coil sprung front suspension, and their appears to be a reworked facsia and new clear headlights. The rest of the body work looks to be carryover. Unfortunately, through the windows we aren’t seeing much influence from the F-150’s stunning interior. Based on the badging the V10 lives on in some form. Likely to feature the 3-valve per cylinder configuration of the smaller 5.4L V8 that debuted in the F-150. Click into the post for a gallery of our shots.

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