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Automotive Trends PODCAST Episode 10

        If you’re scouring the Internet for a classy podcast that will simultaneously educate and enlighten Google has definitely dropped the ball on you. However, if you’re content with eavesdropping on three car guys chatting about Everything Automotive then you’re in luck. Episode 10 covers our opinion of Fiat’s return to the American market, the latest Mazda design concept and the finer points of Buick’s four-cylinder LaCrosse. Come to think of it, maybe Google didn’t steer you wrong after all, because we can’t think of a better way to pass an hour and 13 minutes.


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Hosts: Executive Editor Brandon Dye, Senior Editor Jason Muxlow, Design Editor Erich Gernand
Runtime: 1 hour 13 minutes 37 seconds

Just for fun:
      Editor Muxlow’s Road Trip to No Man’s Land (AKA North Dakota)
      Editors Muxlow and Dye Scorch the Backroads of Northern Michigan in a 2006 BMW M Coupe
Photos by Jason Muxlow

      Our Design Editor recaps the Woodward Dream Cruise and Back to the Bricks
Photos by Erich Gernand

Photos by Erich Gernand

     Chevrolet Cruze starts at $16,995
     Fiat 500 aims for 50k annual sales

     Mazda Shinari Design Concept
Photos courtesy of Mazda

     Ford Mustang Boss 302
Photos courtesy of Ford

2010 Buick LaCrosse 4-cylinder
Photos by Jason Muxlow

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