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2011 Dodge Grand Caravan (Spy Shots)

      Chrysler has yet to release the details on the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan, but it would appear they aren’t too concerned about them being seen. Now, as you can see from these pictures, camouflage wouldn’t hide much more than new tail lamps, headlamps, and a front fascia and grille. Still, no official press release usually means no uncovering of the goods. Apparently this caravan of Grand Caravans didn’t get that memo. What we can’t see is what is under the hood and all our money is riding on the new 3.6L V6, which it will share with the Town & Country, as well as most of Chrysler’s refreshed lineup. Now we just need to spot the the Grand Caravan and the Town & Country’s German-engineered counterpart (the Volkswagen Routan) and the set will be complete. Click through to see the rest of the pictures we nabbed!

Photos by Jason Muxlow

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