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2012 NAIAS: Chevrolet Sonic RS / Tru140S Concept / Code130R Concept

January 9th, 2012

2013 Chevrolet Code130R Concept

      Having just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, Chevrolet is keen on establishing its predominance with the ever important young car buyer. There was much talk about how the car has a diminished importance in the eyes of the under-30 crowd due to their ability to interact from their own homes through social networking sites and smartphones. In order to adapt and attract that younger generation, Chevrolet introduced one production model and two concepts. 
      The Sonic RS is a production trim that will soon be available. The RS focuses on the buyer looking for something sporty and engaging to drive. As such, the Sonic RS features unique interior trimmings and fascia, flat bottomed steering wheel, and sport seats.
      Chevy executives also want the next generation to know they are listening by showing off two unexpected concepts. Though both are intended to be inexpensive sporty coupes powered by a 1.4L turbo four with e-assist mated to a choice of 6 speed manual or automatic transmissions, the two concepts could not be more different in appearance. The oddly named True140S and Code130R take the idea of sporty coupes in different design directions. The True140S is a front-wheel drive hatchback while the Code130R is a rear-wheel drive performance coupe that seems to be, in spirit, like a lower priced BMW 1-series. Chevy claims to covet feedback from the next-generation buyers as to what features they want. We’re hoping the majority beg for the RWD Code130R.

2013 Chevrolet Sonic RS
Photos by Jason Muxlow

2013 Chevrolet Code130R
Photos by Jason Muxlow

2013 Chevrolet Tru140S
Photos by Jason Muxlow

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