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2016 NAIAS: 2017 BMW M2

January 11th, 2016 No comments


For many years, BMW could be counted on to provide cars that satisfy the enthusiast itch. Frequently offered with manual transmissions, silky smooth inline 6 engines and perpetually with rear wheel drive it was hardly arrogant for BMW’s tagline to make the claim of being the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine.’  Unfortunately, the truthfulness of BMW’s slogan has been taken into question with ever heavier (but fast) SUV’s, less driver focus on the 3-series, and finally (horror of horrors) the front wheel drive based 2 Series Active Tourer. So the official unveiling today of the M2 had to be a relief for the BMW faithful. The M2 does the M badge proud by offering a manual transmission with 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque produced from that ever lovable 3.0-liter Inline 6. The M2 is capable of reaching 60 mph in 4.1 seconds when optioned with the 7-speed DCT. BMW claims under an under 8 minute lap time at the famed Nurburgring. All this driving purity comes at a cost: the M2 starts at $51,700.

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Video Review: 2014 BMW 328i xDrive Sport Wagon

January 11th, 2015 No comments

We’re a weird bunch. For many reasons probably, but primarily because the AT staff is part of that slim subgroup of auto enthusiasts who believe the only way to improve on a BMW 3-Series is to extend the roofline and add a liftgate. In other words, we would spec our 3 as a Sport Wagon. So you can imagine how happy we were to have a week with the latest Sport Wagon after first fearing that BMW may stop importing the cargo-friendly version when the latest generation debuted. Yes, we would like the option of a 6-speed manual and rear wheel drive in place of the all-weather capable xDrive setup that BMW wrongly assumes everyone wants, but there’s still plenty to love here as you’ll see in our latest video review.

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2014 NAIAS: 2015 BMW i8

January 20th, 2014 No comments

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2014 NAIAS: 2015 BMW i3

January 20th, 2014 No comments

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2014 NAIAS: 2015 BMW M3 and M4

January 18th, 2014 No comments

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2014 NAIAS: 2015 BMW M235i

January 18th, 2014 No comments

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2013 NAIAS: BMW 320i, M6 Gran Coupe, 4-Series Coupe Concept

January 14th, 2013 No comments


      BMW used their time in the spotlight to introduce two new models (plus a very subtly updated Z4) and a thinly-disguised concept that will soon join the lineup as the newly-christened 4-Series replacement to the aging 3-Series coupes. Let’s start with the 320i that features a lower output version of the 2.0-liter turbo four we’ve enjoyed in the 328i. Here it makes 180 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque but it does net you a starting price of $33,445. Most of the usual options, including all-wheel drive will remain available and if you were expecting a fuel milage bump over the more powerful 328i you’ll be disappointed to learn they are estimating the same 23 mpg city/33 mpg highway EPA ratings. You’ll just have to take solace in the nearly $3,500 you saved when selecting this new base model. Read more…

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Video Review: 2012 BMW 128i

July 18th, 2012 No comments


      BMW continues to develop great products in all classes but enthusiasts fear that in the age of turbochargers, dual-clutch transmissions, electronic driver’s aides of every kind and rapidly ballooning curb weights the ultimate driving machine perfected during the ’90s may soon be a thing of the past. Which is why we were heartened to recently find a base model 128i in our fleet. The smallest car in the BMW lineup is also the most traditional with straight forward styling and a tall greenhouse reminiscent of the legendary 2002. Under the hood is a silken 3.0-liter straight-six pushing 230 hp through a six-speed manual and out to the rear wheels. There are no buttons to adjust steering feel or suspension compliance. It’s just classic BMW-goodness that will delight the enthusiast on every drive. We speak for fans of the Ultimate Driving Machine the world over when we say: BMW, please don’t stop offering cars like this. Read more…

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Video: 2012 BMW X3 xDrive 28i Preview

March 13th, 2012 No comments

      Spring has sprung and just as the last traces of snow disappeared from the landscape BMW handed us the keys to a 2012 Alpine White BMW X3 xDrive 28i. No matter, because even without snow there is still plenty of fun to be had testing the X3’s new 8-speed automatic transmission mated to that wonderful 3.0-liter inline-six engine.

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Comparison Test: Audi A8 L vs BMW 740i vs Mercedes-Benz S550

March 11th, 2012 No comments


Operation: Opulence

      In the automotive food chain it’s good to be at the top. That’s where automakers like to introduce their latest technologies, premium powerplants and most extravagant luxuries in what amounts to a rolling test bed of the industry’s cutting edge. Competition at this level is always entertaining and reaching borderline comical levels. Thought the 16 speaker audio system in the BMW 7-Series was class leading? Audi will see your bet and raise you an optional 19 speaker system that costs half a Nissan Versa! If the seven speed auto in your S-Class was boast worthy last year Audi would like to introduce you to their new eight speed autobox. What, your cruise control only maintains a set speed? Mercedes has active systems that will brake the car to a stop without your input, pull you back into your lane should you start to drift out and pierce through the darkness with night vision that would make half the world’s militaries jealous. Development moves so fast in this rarified class that we’d have to hire a full-time Luxury Car Editor to keep up. Since we spent all the money budgeted for that position on a Star Wars pinball machine for the office we decided we better familiarize ourselves with the latest and greatest from the primary luxury players. We requested a BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 loaded to the roof with gadgets and lined with the finest leather to treat–we meant test–ourselves and the latest six figure luxury sedans in an epic comparison test only the AT Crew could concoct. In need of a destination we set the nav systems to Sault Ste Marie on Michigan’s northern border with Canada and set off on Operation: Opulence to determine the winner. Read more…