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2004 Infiniti G35

February 4th, 2010 No comments

     When you think of a luxury car, what comes to mind?
     Most people would envision a huge Cadillac, Lincoln, or Mercedes-Benz that floats down the road like an ocean liner, its geriatric driver pointing his nose at the sky. This stereotypical luxury car is probably something quiet and smooth with snooty styling and a mushy suspension that makes the road feel like polished glass.
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2003 Cadillac CTS

October 2nd, 2003 No comments

     For decades, Cadillac called itself “The Standard of the World,” and it wasn’t an exaggeration. Technical innovations, elegant styling and sophisticated refinement made it the best car company on the planet — hands down — in the early part of the 20th century. Nothing else came close. Read more…

2003 Jaguar X-Type

August 3rd, 2003 No comments

Jaguar’s X-Type Proves That Good Things Can Come In Small Packages

     When it comes down to it, the auto business is actually quite simple. Develop a product that can be sold for a profit and then sell as much of that product as you can for the largest possible profit. It only gets complicated when a company hits a “glass ceiling” of sorts. Like in biology, the automotive market has a carrying capacity. In other words, there are only so many consumers who can afford to drop at least $50,000 on their vehicles. And during the late 90’s Jaguar showrooms offered few choices, and none of them even close to the magic $30k mark. Jaguar decided to try something it had never done before. Combine all of the style, elegance, comfort, and prestige that make a Jaguar desirable in a package that could be sold for under 30 grand. The X-Type is that product and though its success in the sales department is not the subject of this article, its success as an entry-level luxury car is. Read more…

2003 Infiniti I35

March 3rd, 2003 No comments

      Some things just aren’t meant to be mixed — like drunks and handguns, pickles and ice cream, or Madonna and the pope. The same could be said of sports cars and luxury cruisers. Read more…

2002 Volkswagen Passat W8

June 12th, 2002 No comments


     It’s hard to imagine a luxury Volkswagen, but get used to it. VeeDub is getting a bigger ego.
     The company has come a long way since its days of producing the old, super-simple Beetle, a car that was wildly popular but never had many amenities. You can forget about finding an old Bug with power windows, leather trim, air conditioning and cruise control.

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2002 Lincoln LS

March 21st, 2002 No comments

     Judging from the new LS sedan, Lincoln learned something simple but profound.
   A new generation of Americans wants to buy American luxury cars that don’t feel American. Rather than the stereotypical marshmallowy, boat-like feel of big Lincolns and Cadillacs, they want cars that feel European — tight, fast and precise.

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